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Update: Richard Sherman strikes 3-year deal with 49ers

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret the Raiders are in the market for a new cornerback in free agency, but one in particular looks to be coming off the market shortly.

So if not Oakland, where?

The 49ers have also been in the market for a corner and, along with the Raiders, were one of the teams rumored to be heavily interested in former Rams CB Trumaine Johnson. If they do come to terms with Sherman, it stands to reason they would no longer be in the market for another corner.

Sherman is a huge risk here, as even though he was never known for his speed and had success with his size, intelligence and instincts, an older cornerback coming off an Achilles injury doesn’t seem like the best long-term investment. But if there’s one thing the Niners love to do, it’s piss off the Seahawks and their fans, and this move would accomplish both. The Seahawks were reportedly interested in bringing Sherman back at a reduced contract, but the Niners may not give them that opportunity.

With Sherman out of their plans, Trumaine Johnson becomes an even higher priority for Oakland at this point. Pairing him with a (hopefully) healthy Gareon Conley and a potential draft pick at CB could turn Oakland’s pass defense from a liability into a strength, something it hasn’t been since Charles Woodson’s first tenure with the Raiders.

Update: Sherman has reached a 3-year deal with the 49ers according to Ian Rapoport.