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Watch: Raiders punter Marquette King plays some baseball with the A’s in spring training

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Oakland A’s

The offseason is long for an NFL punter. It’s even longer for the eccentric Marquette King. The Raiders’ 6th year punter is well known for his antics, especially during the months between the end of one season and the beginning of the next.

King gets bored. So he does a lot of silly stuff. Often times it involves cosplay. His latest costume is that of an A’s uniform, joining the Oakland baseball team in spring training.

Unlike when he dressed as Superman for the ESPY’s or put on a green Power Ranger mask to report to training camp, or a king’s crown, cape, and scepter to go on a talk show, this costume was put to use for it’s purpose.

King took the field with the A’s to play a little baseball.

He actually throws a pretty good ball.

After fielding, it was time to step to the plate.

His batting helmet was a little overprotective at first...

Not great form, but he made good contact.

Most importantly it sounds as if he managed to escape without breaking his foot trying to punt a baseball, so whew!