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How big trade between Bills and Bengals and QB decision out of Philadelphia bring good news for Raiders

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Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears

You know the wheels are always turning around here as to how moves from around the league affect the Raiders. Today there were a couple moves that can only mean good things for Silver & Black.

It comes back to quarterbacks. The fact that the Raiders don’t need one and several other teams do.

First it was the Eagles who said they would not be trading backup-turned-Super-Bowl-hero Nick Foles for anything less than a first round pick.

That means one less potential quarterback to fill the needs on other teams, which means more teams looking to the draft to get their man.

One of the teams in need of a quarterback is the Buffalo Bills. Prior to today they didn’t have a selection until 21 overall which was the first of back-to-back picks.

Today the Bills made the move to swap first rounders with the Bengals in exchange for left tackle Cordy Glenn. The trade moves the Bills up the 12th overall pick, so now they have picks at 12 and 22.

Can you say TRADE. BAIT?

That a perfect formula for jumping into the top ten in order to grab one of the top quarterbacks in this draft.

That could be a trade ahead of the Raiders, or even a trade WITH the Raiders.

More than likely, it would be a trade ahead of the Raiders with a team that may not have a need at quarterback. The trickle down would be one more quarterback selected who may otherwise not have been taken that high and therefore one prospect at another position which the Raiders DO have a need falling to them at 10 overall.

There are six quarterbacks who most deem potentially worthy of a first round pick. And it depends on the organization which order they would be in.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how due to the many QB prospects in this draft along with the needs at the position there could easily be five quarterbacks taken before the Raiders pick at 10 and thus leaving what is the equivalent of a top five talent for the Raiders. This trade, along with the Eagles’ decision to hold onto Nick Foles, moves us closer to that reality.