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Chiefs throw silly money at Sammy Watkins

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For the second time in three years, the Chiefs are overspending on a wide receiver.

Los Angeles Rams vs New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

A few hours after learning that the Bears were making a pretty big investment in former Jaguars wide receiver, Allen Robinson, we learned that the Chiefs were topping that deal in a big way to land Sammy Watkins.

Robinson’s deal was an average on his 3-year deal was $14 million per season which is top ten at the position. But Watkins will get big time bank, making an average of $16 million on his 3-year deal in Kansas City with $30 million guaranteed! This according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

That’s top three money, behind only Antonio Brown and DeAndre Hopkins. For a player who has never made a Pro Bowl and who’s only had more than 1000 yards once in his 4-year NFL career.

Not since the Bills traded up to 4th overall to draft Watkins just ahead of the Raiders has such an investment been made in Watkins. They traded him to the Rams after three seasons.

You may recall, this is the second time in recent years the Chiefs have way overpaid to land a free agent wide receiver. They gave Jeremy Maclin a 5-year, $55 million deal in 2015 and then terminated the contract after two seasons.

The Allen Robinson payout was too rich for the Raiders’ blood and the Watkins deal is just silly money. This is what happens when you’re competing in an open market at a position without a lot of talent available.

That being said, the Raiders now have some more talent at receiver to deal with in the AFC West.