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Price tag for Trumaine Johnson getting too steep for Raiders?

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NFL: St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

From the sounds of it, Trumaine Johnson is still at the top of the Raiders’ free agent wish list. But as you might expect, he’s probably at the top of several other teams’ lists as well, which means he will get paid handsomely for his services. Perhaps more handsomely than the Raiders are willing to go, according to SiriusXM’s Eddie Borsilli.

You have to wonder, though, if at some point the destination and the team itself would come into play and overrule purely who is willing to plunk down the most money. That is, of course, if the Raiders aren’t lowballing.

Johnson is a Stockton native and at one point his top two destinations looked to be the either San Francisco or Oakland. San Francisco went with Richard Sherman instead for $13 million per season.

Shortly after that deal was made public, Casey Hayward signed a deal with the Chargers for an average $12 million per season. Both he and Sherman are far more accomplished than Johnson, so if he is asking for that kind of money or more (which we don’t know at this time), I wouldn’t blame the Raiders for backing off. Especially with plenty more fish in the sea at the cornerback spot this offseason.