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East Bay native TJ Carrie thanks Raider Nation for allowing him to ‘fulfill my dream of being a Raider’

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Today, not long after Carrie signed a free agent deal with the Browns, he took a moment to thank the Raiders and the fans.

Oakland Raiders v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Today TJ Carrie headed back to Ohio, as The Pretenders once sang. The East Bay native De La Salle grad attended Ohio University for college, only to return to his native East Bay when the Raiders made him their pick in the seventh round of the 2014 draft.

After four years with the team, outplaying all expectations for a 7th round pick, Carrie had his chance to get that big second contract all NFL players dream of when they enter the league and he took it.

The Browns gave him an offer he would’ve been a fool to turn down — to the tune of $31 million over four years with a reported $15.5 million guaranteed. And with that, Carrie once again left his native East Bay and headed back to Ohio.

Being drafted by and playing in their uniform of the team he always dreamt of. And he got to do it for four years. It makes for a bittersweet moment for Carrie. He took to Twitter today to thank the Raiders and the fans for his time in Oakland.

Carrie appeared in 60 games with 36 starts over four seasons. He accumulated a total of 3 interceptions, 30 passes defended, and 202 tackles in his Raiders career.