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Johnathan Joseph re-signs with Texans, said Raiders were second choice

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Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

We’ve been seeing a lot of this in the past few days. The Raiders are interested in a player, even perhaps very interested. Then we watch them sign somewhere else. Apparently, one of those players was Texans cornerback, Johnathan Joseph, who ultimately decided to stay in Houston.

Joseph turns 34 in April which is likely why he wasn’t a priority free agent on the market and therefore why the Raiders would even make a strong play for him.

The 12-year NFL veteran has spent the past 7 years in Houston after spending the first five seasons of his career in Cincinnati. During that time. Raiders Defensive Coordinator, Paul Guenther, was a Bengals assistant coach.

The only corner still on the market with whom the Raiders have had reported interest is Rashaan Melvin, but as yet there has been no indication that interest has moved past the exploratory phase. Currently the team is zeroing in on another wily veteran — 32-year-old wide receiver Jordy Nelson.