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Breaking: Raiders sign Jordy Nelson to 2-year deal that looks a lot like Crabtree’s but reportedly nearly all guaranteed

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NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

As suspected, the news of Crabtree’s release was paired with the addition of Jordy Nelson. It’s an interesting deal too. Nelson signs on for two years, $15 million with $13 million guaranteed, according to Nelson’s former Packers’ teammate, James Jones.

That deal for $7.5 million per season is almost identical to what Michael Crabtree was set to make this season for the Raiders ($7.7 million). But Crabtree has no guarantees left in his contract. The Raiders were able to cut him with no dead money left behind.

Nelson’s deal, according to Jones, is almost completely guaranteed.

The funny thing about NFL contracts these days, though, is there are ‘fully guaranteed’ money and then there’s those that are guaranteed at signing and other that kick in later. So, basically that $13 million could be split with some guaranteed now and more guaranteed if he’s on the roster on a certain date next year.

Either way, welcome to Oakland, Jordy.

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