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Former Raiders OT Marshall Newhouse signs on with Bills

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Oakland Raiders v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

With as thin as the offensive tackle market was and with as much need as there is at the position, you had to figure Raiders recently released tackle Marshall Newhouse would find a new home. Today he found that home in Buffalo.

Newhouse signed with the Bills on a 1-year according to Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News.

Newhouse was signed by the Raiders last season to a 2-year free agent deal. After a year in which he struggled with some injuries and gave up the most pressures and sacks among his linemates, he was cut loose.

Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said at this year’s combine that he wasn’t too happy with Newhouse’s play.

“We had some inconsistency at right tackle obviously,” Gruden said. “Newhouse, he had his moments where he played well. He had some moments where he obviously struggled.”

Either way, it’s good to see Newhouse find a new team. He can, and did, play both tackle spots, making him at very least a valuable reserve swing tackle.