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Raiders lose coin toss to 49ers, will pick 10 overall to set final 7-round NFL draft order

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It’s finally done. Two months from the end of the 2017 NFL season and a month since the Super Bowl, we now finally have a final draft order. It was decided by coin toss between the Raiders and 49ers due to their having finished the 2017 season with identical records and strength of schedule.

Rod Woodson flipped the coin and it came up 49ers, which means Oakland receives the 10th overall pick and the two teams swap selections in corresponding rounds.

Including the four compensatory picks, the Raiders have 11 selections in April’s draft, including six in the sixth round alone. Here they all are:

Round 1, pick 10

Round 2, pick 41

Round 3, pick 75

Round 4, pick 110

Round 6, pick 185

Round 6, pick 192 (from SEA)

Round 6, pick 210 (Comp)

Round 6, pick 212 (Comp)

Round 6, pick 216 (Comp)

Round 6, pick 217 (Comp)

Round 7, pick 228