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Raiders trade FB Jamize Olawale to Dallas to again move up from 6th to 5th round

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Oakland Raiders v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Jon Gruden and the Raiders are steady making deals. Days after signing former Cowboys full back Keith Smith, they have traded fullback Jamize Olawale to Dallas to swap late round picks.

They also just recently send Cordarrelle Patterson to New England to move back into the 5th round, sending one of their six sixth round picks along with Patterson to do it. They’ve done it again.

This time they send Olawale and their pick at 192 overall in the sixth round for the Cowboys’ comp pick at 173 late in the 5th round.

Olawale was originally signed off the Cowboys’ practice squad in 2012 and spent the past six seasons in Oakland. He eventually was signed to a long term extension as the replacement for former Pro Bowl fullback Marcel Reece.

Just a few days ago, the Raiders had no 5th round selections and six round 6 picks. Now they have two round 5 picks and four round 6 picks. And they sent two of their lesser used offensive players away to make those moves.

The move also saves the Raiders $1.64 million against the cap for a team that has already signed 14 free agents and is still trying to add more players.

Here is the updated Raiders 7-round draft order.