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Raiders no longer mentioned as team in the running for free agent WR Allen Hurns

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It looks like the Raiders are no longer going after Allen Hurns.

NFL: AFC Championship-Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Two days ago Allen Hurns was released by the Jaguars. The following day (yesterday) Hurns listed off several tams that had inquired about his services. He said there were ten teams and among them were the Raiders. Just 24 hours later, it would appear the Raiders may have dropped out.

There are now just four primary teams going after Hurns, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter — the Jets (with whom he is visiting today), Cowboys, Ravens, and Browns.

The courtship was a brief one. It was likely a similar story to some others for the Raiders this offseason. The Raiders throw out a number, it’s a couple million less than what others are offering, the agent says thanks but no thanks, and everyone moves on.

Hurns was set to make $7 million from the Jaguars this season. With less than 500 yards in each of the past two seasons (injury shortened), Hurns became a cap casualty. Typically, in these situations, the player is looking for a deal that would at least pay him what he was going to make from his previous. That’s what Michael Crabtree got from the Ravens. And in this wide receiver market, Hurns is likely seeing those kind of numbers from the teams still after him.