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CBS Sports goes for the hot take, names former Rookie of the Year and 2x Pro Bowler biggest NFL QB bust

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We all know who the real biggest bust ever was.

Baltimore Ravens vs Tennessee Titans - November 12, 2006 Photo by Joe Murphy/NFLPhotoLibrary

There is an obvious biggest bust in NFL history. We all know who that is. And you don’t even have to be a Raiders fan to know it. I don’t even need to say his name. But that would be too obvious and who would click on that? Who would talk about that? What’s hot about that take?

Much hotter a take to name a guy who no one would expect. Like, say, a guy who won Rookie of the Year and went to two Pro Bowls. That is a SCORCHING hot take. So, that’s what CBS Sports’ Tom Fornelli did when he named Vince Young his biggest NFL draft bust QB in the BCS era.

He, of course, immediately contradicts himself in his explanation, but by then you’ve already clicked.

“If we’re going simply by the ‘bust’ metric, Young doesn’t deserve to be No. 1 on that list,” said Fornelli, not seeing the irony in having a list literally called “The biggest NFL Draft quarterback busts of the BCS era” and then not going with the bust metric (whatever that is).

And here is the totality of his reasoning: “I thought Vince Young was amazing in college, and I was convinced he’d continue to awe me in the NFL. It never quite happened.”

So, I guess because he expected less from former number one overall pick JaMarcus Russell or second overall pick Ryan Leaf who at the time rivaled Peyton Manning for number one overall pick, they aren’t as big of busts in his eyes. After all, Fornelli did say “this is my list” which I suppose means because he thought FOR SURE Vince Young’s Rose Bowl win over USC made him a virtual lock for a long and distinguished career. Maybe this list should have been called ‘The five college QB’s who disappointed me the most at the pro level”.

For what it’s worth, the rest of the list is pretty standard. Actual biggest bust JaMarcus Russell is at two, Ryan Leaf at 3, Tim Couch at 4, and Robert Griffin III at 5th.