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Updated: Aldon Smith reportedly involved in domestic violence incident, police looking for him

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Oh no.

Minnesota Vikings v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Right away, I must stress waiting until we hear more about this before anyone jumps to any conclusions. But Sunday morning a San Jose broadcaster cited sources who said that there was a domestic incident involving Aldon Smith late Saturday night.

There are a lot of holes to fill in here. This could range anywhere from a neighbor calling the police because of a dispute that could turn out to be nothing, to this being an actual instance in which there was domestic violence perpetrated by Smith. And there’s a lot in between as well.

Smith just got engaged a little over two weeks ago (Valentines Day) to his girlfriend of four months. It seemed like it could be a positive story about Aldon when in most cases no news would be good news as far as he has been concerned. At this point we’re not even certain the incident involves his new fiance. So, yeah, a lot of uncertainties.

For Aldon Smith, the only way he comes out of this clean is if it turns out to be a clear case in which nothing happened. His past history of alcoholism and domestic issues leaves no room for anything substantial here. If it turns out he did abuse his fiance or anyone else or if alcohol was involved, that slams the door to any chance he would ever be reinstated to the NFL.

Smith is as tragic a case as there is. A troubled man who clearly needed a great deal of help and support and never got it from his NFL ‘family’ due to their completely f—ked up policy on substance abuse and banning multiple offenders.

Update: NBC Bay Area has confirmed this report, including that the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries and Smith fled the scene before police arrived. The SFPD is currently looking for him to question him about the incident.

Update: Smith has checked himself into rehab again.

Update: The Raiders have officially released Smith.