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Watch: Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie sporting ‘Beast Mode’ T-shirt at combine, hand times son Kahlil in 40

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Either Reggie really like Beast Mode gear or he really likes having Beast Mode on his team. On day three of on-field workouts, the Raiders GM was in the stands to personally watch the defensive linemen, including his son Reggie Kahlil McKenzie Jr run the 40. And he was sporting a Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode ‘Da Town’ T-shirt.

His son ran a 5.17 nd 5.15 in the 40, if you’re curious. Not bad for a man of his size (6-3, 314), but not great either.

Here is the T-shirt McKenzie is wearing, in case you were interested. It comes in a variety of different colors. Basically to cover all three Oakland sports teams. This one is grey on black for the Raiders, obviously.