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Aldon Smith turns up back in rehab after domestic violence on new fiancee

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Cincinnati Bengals v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This should complete the updates on this situation. And likely completes the chances Aldon Smith had of ever being reinstated into the NFL.

The endlessly self destructive former All Pro pass rusher has been banned from the NFL since midway through the 2015 season for multiple violations of the league’s substance abuse policy. Only staying on the straight and narrow was going to convince the commissioner to reinstate him. He’s been anything but.

Just when you start to think it’s been long enough between incidents that the commissioner would consider Smith ready to return to start the 2-year contract he signed with the Raiders in the 2016 offseason, he shows up in a video or in a police report. And always involving the same substances that had him banned in the first place.

Adding to his transgressions is domestic violence which the NFL has been the most vigilant with the past few years. He had one domestic violence incident on his record already. Saturday night he got his second. And appears to have been against his new fiance of just over two weeks.

The cops were called and he fled the scene before they arrived. The report was filed and they police were looking for him. Well, they’ve found him. He is back in rehab. The parents of his fiancee drove him there.

“Aldon called my parents and asked them to take him to rehab,” the woman told TMZ.

”He complied. They went and got him. I was not there. My family took him and had him checked in.”

”I wish the BEST for Aldon. And I’m scared for his life with his addiction. I cannot comment on the altercation but I can tell you I love him and so happy he turned to my family who considers him family and hopefully he gets the help he truly needs.”

We all hope it sticks this time. His career in the NFL may be over, but hopefully his life isn’t. Get well, Aldon.