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Watch: Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch brings Skittles to an old folks home in a golf cart, get trash talked by old woman

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Marshawn Lynch is known for a few things. Oakland, first and foremost. He’s all about his community. He’s also known for his golf cart antics when he was at Cal. And of course, he’s known for loving him some Skittles.

Lynch combined those things and went Beast Mode on a retirement community. There he shared Skittles’ new ‘Sweet Heat’ candies with the residents and chopped it up with them. Hilarity ensues.

My favorite part was when he was playing pickle ball (terribly) and the woman who was laying him to waste punked him.

Marshawn says she is cheating and she says “You know what? That’s not cheating, that’s just being better than you,” and then hits the ball his way.

Runner-up would be when another woman was giving Marshawn some her own sweet heat in dance class, grinding all up on him.

And just for the hell of it, let’s watch Marshawn on his original golf cart adventure.