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Analyst who broke down film of Gareon Conley and said he’d be fit for Raiders has broken down film of Tremaine Edmunds, said he’d be fit for Raiders

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Virginia Tech v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Last year, the best bit of film work I came across came from SB Nation’s Brett Kollmann who analyzed cornerback Gareon Conley and said he would be a perfect fit for the Raiders. Then the Raiders made Conley their top pick in the draft.

Well, the draft is coming, so Kollmann is back with his film breakdowns. Friday he released his latest on Virginia Tech linebacker, Tremaine Edmunds. The film is very fascinating and revealing as to what type of player Edumnds is and where he is in his development.

Kollmann adds a few teams Edmunds would be most likely to draft him and the Raiders at 10 overall are among them. In fact, he says Oakland would be the best fit for Edumnds of all the teams he mentions.

“His best fit of all might be Oakland,” Kollmann said of Edmunds. “The Raiders have Paul Guenther at Defensive Coordinator now and he’s been a really good developer of linebackers for a long time. And in Oakland they would also have NaVorro Bowman, one of best linebackers of this generation for him to learn from. In fact, if he got past the Raiders at 10th overall, I would be very surprised just for that reason alone, because it’s such a perfect fit for both the team and for the player.”

Well, let’s hope Kollmann is at very least right about Bowman still being a Raider next year. As for Edmunds, some have projected him as the Raiders pick at 10 overall. While others have him gone before the Raiders pick. So, we’ll see.