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Raiders skip Easter egg hunt this year, check field next day to see what kids left behind

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News: Easter Egg Hunt The Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

Alameda has been a busy place these days. A whole new coaching staff in place and player evaluation has meant they’re working overtime in order to be ready for offseason workouts on April 9. In all the hustle and bustle, they just didn’t have time to partake in their annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday.

The big festivities are done. The face painting stands are deconstructed, the bouncy houses deflated, and the grass trampled by a herd of eager children searching for their decorated eggs.

By this point the park is ransacked and mostly what’s left are empty candy wrappers. But the Raiders are not letting that stop them from making a go of it.

A couple hours in, Gruden checked in with the fans to let them know how the hunt is going.

“Hey, Raider Nation, coach Gruden here, we’re finding some eggs and working hard. But we ain’t done yet,” he said.

The staff continued eagerly scanning the park for eggs that may have been undiscovered yesterday or were tossed out of baskets in favor of more valuable eggs.

They have had some luck, uncovered some well hidden eggs, though mostly what they’ve found are eggs that had been fresh at one time, perhaps in Easters past, but at this point were bypassed by those seeking only freshly hidden eggs.

After an exhaustive search, picking the park clean, they managed to find a great many eggs. Some they’re not quite sure how they’ll smell if cracked open, but the basket is full of the type of eggs the staff really likes. Not shiny or full of surprises. Just tough, gritty, disciplined, entire-basket oriented ones.

“Jon’s the head coach and he’s going to be here a while, so it’s important that he gets the eggs he wants and fills the basket how he wants it filled,” said Mark Davis. “Reggie McKenzie is there with his staff to find the eggs and also keep the hunt and everything else in order.”

Perhaps next year, things will have calmed down and they can be back to participating in the usual Easter festivities.

hApPy easteR, raider natIon. Love FrOm all Of us in the siLver & black pride Staff.