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Bruce Irvin says he got approval to play on special teams when Raiders face Marquette King and the Broncos

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NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Not long after Marquette King signed on with the Raiders rival Denver Broncos, Bruce Irvin chimed in with the sub tweets. Not mentioning King’s name, he said that’s where the former Raiders’ punter wanted to be all along.

Irvin didn’t say that because of the high altitude in which King will be playing half his games. He said that because of a stunt King pulled that has long stuck in Irvin’s craw.

It involved King posing for a photo with Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib seemingly re-enacting Talib yanking off former Raiders’ receiver Michael Crabtree’s chain. The photo crossed a line with Irvin and probably a few of King’s teammates.

We know Irvin never got over it because a few months removed from the incident, he was still talking about it in what was an epic back and forth between the outspoken linebacker and the eccentric punter.

That led to Irvin saying that’s where King wanted to play all along. Which in turn led to me (along with a few other, I’m sure) joking that Irvin would be requesting to play on the Raiders’ punt return team a couple times next year.

Today, Irvin said he requested and was approved for special teams duties against Denver this year. And of course, he went a step further, saying he has fine money. Just in case he needs it.

He wrapped it up with another warning for the social media butterfly, Marquette King.

You gotta love Irvin. He pulls no punches. If that turns literal this season against the Broncos, however, he would be facing more than some fines. We’ll see whether he was joking or not in a few months.