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Have we seen the last of those Raiders throwback style ‘Color Rush’ uniforms?

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It looks like the NFL is ending the Color Rush Thursday Night Football experiment.

Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

For the past few seasons the NFL has tried out the gimmick of changing up each team’s uniforms, presumably with the hopes it would drum up some added interest in watching the games. At first it was only certain teams that would opt into it. The past couple seasons it has been every team that played on Thursday night. That must not have taken off as they had hoped because it sounds as if they are ending the experiment.

The Raiders aren’t typically one to mess with their uniforms, so they didn’t opt into the craze at first. But when it became mandatory for all Thursday night teams the past couple seasons, they had no choice.

What they went with was more of a throwback than anything. It basically was the uniforms they wore in the early ‘70s which were their white away uniforms but instead of being black numbers with silver lining, they were silver numbers with black lining.

The only major variation from those throwbacks is the Color Rush had white pants instead of silver.

I’m just disappointed we never got to see an all black uniform. That would have been siiiiick.