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NFL 2018 preseason schedules released tonight

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Dallas Cowboys v Oakland Raiders Photo by Don Feria/Getty Images

If you’re like me, you’re tired of waiting to see what the 2018 schedule will reveal. The season schedule should be out in the coming weeks, but first they must release the preseason schedule. That release is happening tonight according to Andrew Siciliano.

The release will happen at 2pm Pacific time (5pm ET). You can expect to see some ambiguity with a couple of the games as to which exact day they will be played, but all the opponents will be announced in order and some will be exact.

Based on when the preseason opener is played, that will also tell us when the team will report to training camp because they are allowed to report 15 days prior to the first preseason game.

The Raiders most common preseason opponents are the Seahawks, Cardinals, and Cowboys based on proximity (Cowboys training camp is in Southern California). That used to include the 49ers, but not for several years since the stabbing incident at Candlestick. With the Rams now on the West Coast, they enter that mix as well. The catch this year is they will face the entire NFC West during the season.

Facing a team in the preseason they will face in the regular season hasn’t stopped them the past two seasons. They faced the Cowboys last year, knowing they were facing them during the season, and they faced the Titans the year before knowing they were facing them in the regular season.

That may happen again this year — probably with the Seahawks who they ALWAYS play — but I doubt they face all of their usuals. We’ll soon see.