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Reuben Foster charged with punching woman 8-10 times yet 49ers don’t sound like they’re cutting him

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Foster -- seen here with noted child abuser Adrian Peterson — is facing some very serious domestic assault charges

Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Back in February 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was arrested for domestic assault. The 49ers took a wait-and-see approach. Today he was formally charged with domestic assault, in what is one of the more disturbing cases you’ll see. And the 49ers are still waiting and seeing.

This is from the Santa Clara DA press release:

Foster, 24, physically attacked the 28-year-old woman during a February argument at their Los Gatos home, leaving her bruised and with a ruptured ear drum. . . The victim told responding sheriff’s deputies and Los Gatos police that Foster dragged her by her hair, physically threw her out of the house, and punched her in the head 8 to 10 times.

For this incident Foster is being charged with domestic violence with an allegation that he inflicted great bodily injury, forcefully attempting to prevent a victim from reporting a crime, and possession of an assault weapon – all felonies.

Foster is also charged with misdemeanor possession of large capacity weapon magazine. If convicted, he faces more than 11 years in prison.

The 49ers had to respond with a statement quickly, and from the sounds of it, they’re still not ready to make a definitive move to separate themselves from Foster.

“The 49ers organization is aware of today’s disturbing charges regarding Reuben Foster. We will continue to follow this serious matter. Reuben is aware that his place in our organization is under great scrutiny and will depend on what is learned through the legal process.”

The Raiders know firsthand about Alabama linebackers who are allowed to remain on the team despite serious charges brought against them.

Rolando McClain was a cautionary tale for that. He too had an assault charge that involved a firearm. He was involved in assaulting a man and firing a weapon by his head and suited up a few days later for the team while Hue Jackson and the Raiders waited to see what came of it.

What came of it was the Raiders losing 4 of their last 5 games that season and falling out of the playoffs, and McClain continuing to get in trouble.

This situation is much worse. Your move, 49ers.