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Looks like Michigan DT Maurice Hurst is paying Raiders a visit

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Raiders team doctors will want to get their hands on him to make their own diagnosis.

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Those of you who have been starving to see some top picks pay the Raiders a visit this offseason would have been pleased to see the Instagram page of Maurice Hurst Monday night. There he posted a photo that in which he was checking in at Oakland Raiders. The post has since been deleted, but Raiders Beat posted this screenshot of it:

It can be hard to tell what you’re looking at, but that’s his shoes.

His arrival Monday night means he’s visiting the team today.

Arguably the draft’s top tackle, he naturally would be on the Raiders’ radar. His visit would figure to be mostly about his medicals after he was dismissed from the scouting combine for being flagged for a heart issue.

He has since been cleared to work out at the Michigan pro day.

You can figure since then Hurst has been a jet setter as team’s want to make their own diagnosis on his health.

Should Hurst check out, he is absolutely worthy of the ten overall pick based on his talent, which had him put up 5.0 sacks and 49 pressures last season from the interior defensive line.

Even if the Raiders clear him, the overall medical concern could potentially have him available later. Either in the latter half of the first round or, as some mock drafts have projected, out of the first round altogether. If the Raiders like him enough, it would be a risky proposition to count on him being there later, but it could pay off, not to mention team’s are much more willing to take risks after the first round.