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NFL agents’ poll puts Raiders among worst prepared teams during negotiations

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Detroit Lions v Oakland Raiders

Recently USA Today did a poll of 25 NFL agents. They were looking to get a sense of how they view NFL teams and that seems to me to be a pretty good way to do that. The results were very revealing.

The first portion was which teams were the best and worst prepared during contract negotiations. The Raiders showed up on the list, and it wasn’t among the best.

Where Reggie McKenzie and company landed was as the fifth worst prepared in the league. If you consider the poll was taken before the Browns (second worst) hired John Dorsey as GM, the Raiders may well be the fourth worst.

What McKenzie has been known for in his time as Raiders GM is drawing up contracts that don’t have a lot of dead money on the back end. But looking at the graphic, being prepared is apparently not a strong suit of his.

USA Today

It is interesting, however, that McKenzie doesn’t show up among the most or least respected GM’s in the league. Broncos GM John Elway does though. He is the third least respected. Commence snickering.