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Watch: Marshawn Lynch, Josh Johnson react to Raiders schedule ‘Gruden must’ve cut some side deals’

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With the release of the Raiders 2018 schedule, Marshawn Lynch sat down with Josh Johnson to see who the Raiders were playing each week, starting with the Monday night opener at home against the Los Angeles Rams.

“Gruden must’ve cut some side deals,” Marshawn joked. “We got a lot of prime time games, man.”

In total the Raiders have four primetime games — one on Thursday Night vs the 49ers, one on Sunday Night vs the Steelers, and two on Monday Night against the Rams and Broncos.

See the full schedule here.

Marshawn wisely didn’t have a comment for the Raiders’ week 6 game in London against his old team in the Seahaawks. He said “NEXT!” and moved to the bye.

A few teams did a reaction video. Here are the Rams getting their schedule with newcomer Aqib Talib taking the call from the league office along with head coach Sean McVay among others.

The Rams were trying to think of nicknames for their games. The best they could do was “The mentor/mentee bowl” for the opener.