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Silver & Black Pride community 7-round Raiders draft prediction contest

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The Raiders have 11 picks to work with. Can you predict them? Here’s your chance to prove your prediction prowess.

NFL: Oakland Raiders-Jon Gruden Press Conference
Think you know what’s going on in these guys’ heads?
Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

For the fourth year, we’re hosting our Silver & Black Pride 7-round Raiders mock draft competition. The format is simple: fill out our form with who you think the Raiders will select with each of their 11 picks of the 2016 NFL Draft. You get two points for guessing the correct player in the correct round, and one point for guessing the correct player in the incorrect round.

If you finish with the most points while correctly predicting at least two of the Raiders’ picks you’ll win a free Silver & Black Pride T-shirt. Not to mention some massive bragging-rights when we announce you as the winner.

Be sure to spell each player’s name correctly, because the scoring will be automated. Also, if you feel brave, post your picks in the comments below for the conversation.

Only entries submitted through the form linked above will be counted — and only one entry per person.

Good luck!

***Submissions for this contest have closed.***