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Jon Gruden taking the field with his Raiders players for first time today

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Oakland Raiders

April 9 was a major step in Jon Gruden’s return to coaching. That was when he officially met with his entire Raiders team for the first time. The major caveat is he was not allowed to take the field along with his players. That ends today.

Veteran minicamp starts today. As part of phase two of the offseason program, Gruden takes another step forward as he is allowed to be on the field with his players. You know Gruden relishes this moment. Here’s the first look of the old ball coach back in his element:

The other rule that changes is players can now do individual and “perfect play” drills.

All other rules are the same including the 4-hour-a-day rule. That will increase to 6 hours come OTA’s which starts phase three. This phase will last three weeks total with a rookie minicamp in-between which will take place the weekend following the draft.