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2018 NFL draft: Time, TV schedule, and how to watch, draft order

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We’ve waited a long time for this. The 2018 NFL Draft is upon us now and you need to know all the info to watch. The Raiders have the 10th overall pick in the first round and total of 11 picks. Dassalot.

Broken down, the Raiders head into the draft with one pick in each round 1-4, two picks in the 5th round, four picks in the 6th round, and one pick in the 7th.

The draft is taking place at the Cowboys’ home AT&T stadium in Arlington Texas this year.

Here’s the three-day draft schedule:

Day 1: Round 1

When: Thursday April 26th at 5 pm Pacific (8pm ET)

Time per pick: 10 minutes

TV channels: ESPN, FOX, & NFL Network

Day 2: Rounds 2 & 3

When: Friday April 27th at 4 pm Pacific (7 p.m. ET)

Time per pick: 7 minutes for round 2; 5 minutes for round 3

TV channels: ESPN 2, FOX, & NFL Network

Day 3: Rounds 4 through 7

When: Saturday April 28th at 9 am (Noon ET)

Time per pick: 5 minutes for rounds 4-6; 4 minutes for round 7

TV channels: ESPN, ABC, & NFL Network

Raiders draft selections:

Round 1, pick 10

Round 2, pick 41

Round 3, pick 75

Round 4, pick 110

Round 5, pick 159 (from NE)

Round 5, pick 173 (from DAL)

Round 6, pick 185

Round 6, pick 212 (Comp)

Round 6, pick 216 (Comp)

Round 6, pick 217 (Comp)

Round 7, pick 228

To see the full 2018 NFL draft order, click here.