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2018 NFL Draft: Raiders Derek Carr loves Lamar Jackson, calls him a ‘special talent’

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The Louisville playmaker has certainly impressed the Raiders quarterback.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr knows a few things about success at the college level. The former Fresno State star amassed 12,843 yards and 113 touchdowns with a passer rating of 152.8 in his four years with the Bulldogs. But there’s another college prospect who has put up similarly impressive stats, and he has Carr’s attention.

“I think they are all going to be really good. I really love Lamar Jackson though.” The four-year veteran Carr told reporters Tuesday, adding that, “In the right position and with the right coaching, that he’s (Jackson) a special, special talent.

“But just talking to him a little bit, I think that he’s special. I think he can do a lot of damage, especially if teams want to play man.”

If you thought Carr’s collegiate production was impressive, just wait until you see Jackson’s. In three years with the Cardinals, the 2016 Heisman Trophy winner recorded 9,042 yards through the air and 69 passing touchdowns with a 142.9 passer rating.

Jackson did just as much damage on the ground rushing for over 4,000 yards (6.3 yards per carry) and 50 touchdowns. To put into perspective of how ridiculous those numbers are, Michael Vick accumulated 1,299 rushing yards (5.5 yards per carry) and 17 touchdowns in two seasons at Virgina Tech before the Atlanta Falcons made him the first overall pick in the 2001 NFL Draft.

Jackson was more productive on the ground than most runnings backs in the 2018 Draft. He recorded more rushing yards and touchdowns than both Saquon Barkley and Derrius Guice who are commonly viewed as the top tailbacks in the draft.

Quite frankly, the only quarterback the NFL has seen with Jackson’s skill set is Vick, and the Louisville three-year starter might be equally lethal with his legs. No wonder why Carr is a fan.