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Jordy Nelson amazed at Jon Gruden’s ‘day-in and day-out’ energy level

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Oakland Raiders

Whatever Jon Gruden does, he does it with passion. One can figure that out easily by his often overly ecstatic remarks when discussing certain players on ESPN’s Monday Night Football or by watching his past NFL sound FX while coaching.

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Jordy Nelson has quickly picked up on Gruden’s intensity.

“The energy level that [Gruden] brings is amazing,” Nelson said on Tuesday. “And somehow I think he’s consistent with it day-in and day-out, which is pretty impressive. That’s fun and I think we’ll fed off of that. I think that’s kind of why we’re successful today and our tempo and what we were able to accomplish today, because he’s bringing the energy and it feeds down to the rest of us.”

Coming from the Green Bay Packers, Nelson should know what good teams and coaching looks like. His acknowledgement of Gruden’s energy should bode well for a team that often looked flat on offense in 2017.

But Nelson likes more than just the energy that Gruden brings to practice.

“Just the amount of preparation that he wants us to have, the freedom I think with the quarterbacks at the line,” Nelson said. “But, everyone being on the same page and communicating and that’s the expectation that he puts out there and that’s what we’ll continue building.”

In 2018, Raider Nation can sleep easy at night knowing Oakland will be ready to play and be sharp with their communication every Sunday.