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NFL mock draft 2018: Raiders 7-round mock with trades

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Oakland Raiders

With the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft upon us, it’s time to put out my 7-round mock draft. Currently the Raiders have 11 picks in the draft, but that may change with some trades

Round 1, pick 14* (via GB)— Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame

Round 2, pick 41 — Harrison Phillips, DT, Stanford

Round 3, pick 75 — Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon

Round 3, pick 76* (via GB) — Malik Jefferson, LB, Texas

Round 4, pick 110 — Daesean Hamilton, WR, Penn State

Round 4, pick 117** (via DET) — Michael Dickson, P, Texas

Round 5, pick 159 (from NE) — PJ Hall, DT, Sam Houston State

Round 6, pick 185 — Parry Nickerson, CB, Tulane

Round 6, pick 212 (Comp) — Kahlil McKenzie, DT, Tennessee

Round 6, pick 216 (Comp) — Frank Ginda, LB, San Jose State

Round 7, pick 228 -- Russell Gage, WR, LSU

*Raiders trade down with Packers for their picks at 14, 76, and 138.

**Raiders trade up, sending their picks at 138, 173, and 217 to the Lions for their pick at 117

With my predicted trades, the Raiders still end up with 11 draft picks. I have a feeling their draft trades will ultimately put them with fewer than 11 picks. Quality over quantity and all that. Just what they would be is harder to predict.