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NFL Draft results 2018: Broncos take Bradley Chubb at 5 bringing another pass rusher to the AFC West

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Everyone thinking the Broncos were going to go quarterback at 5th overall were wrong. At least they became wrong when the Browns went cornerback at 4 overall, leaving the draft’s top pass rusher on the board.

The Broncos made the pick to get the top player on the board, bringing another great pass rusher into the AFC West to line up across from Von Miller. That won’t be fun for the Raiders, Chiefs, and Chargers to deal with. All the more reason to make sure the Raiders have two solid tackles in place.

The Browns botched this with the Ward pick, but with those last two picks, two of the top four QB’s are still on the board with potentially just the Bills looking to jump ahead of the Raiders to get one. That could mean more talent on the board to use in trade for the Raiders with UCLA’s Josh Rosen and Wyoming’s Josh Allen still there for the taking.

The Colts didn’t trade out either, taking guard Quenton Nelson at 6.

Three picks from the Raiders now.