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NFL Draft 2018 results: Raiders trade down with Cardinals to drop to 15, update Raiders 7-round draft order

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As many expected the Raiders have traded their 10th overall pick to the Cardinals. In the deal the Raiders drop down to 15 overall and pick up the 79th pick (3rd round) and the 152nd (5th round).

Once the 49ers made the pick to get Mike McGlinchey, it not only took the Raiders expected choice off the board, but left Josh Rosen on the board for the Cardinals who are in desperate need at the quarterback position.

The Raiders now have 13 picks in the draft. Here is the updated draft order:

Round 1, pick 15 (From ARI)

Round 2, pick 41

Round 3, pick 75

Round 3, pick 79 (From ARI)

Round 4, pick 110

Round 5, pick 152 (from ARI)

Round 5, pick 159 (from NE)

Round 5, pick 173 (from DAL)

Round 6, pick 185

Round 6, pick 212 (Comp)

Round 6, pick 216 (Comp)

Round 6, pick 217 (Comp)

Round 7, pick 228