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NFL Draft 2018: Could Raiders be looking to make a move to get to the top of the second round?

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2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Day one saw the Raiders make two trades and acquire two players. First a trade down in the first round from 10 to 15, picking up a third and fifth round pick and selecting UCLA OT Kolton Miller . They then sent the third round pick they acquired from the Cardinals (79 overall) to Pittsburgh for wide receiver Martavis Bryant . And you can bet they aren’t done.

Their next move could happen as soon as the second round begins today. As NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported last night, the Raiders were inquiring about trading into the bottom of the first round. They weren’t able to accomplish it, but The Athletic’s Vic Tafur said this morning that the player they wanted is still there, which means they could continue to attempt to move up to get him.

Though Tafur said he knows who the player is, he is not allowed to make him known.

The Raiders sit at pick 41, nine picks into the second round. Some serious talent fell out of the first round, so there’s plenty of motivation to move up and get one.

Currently the Raiders have 12 draft picks, with 11 picks remaining. Nine of those are third day selections. That includes three picks in round five and four in round six. Packaging some of those picks to move up has always seemed in the cards for the Raiders. Their pick count was once at 13 for the few minutes before they traded for Bryant.

There’s no sense in waiting around, sitting on day three picks. If you want a player, go up and get him. Even though rumors are they could be looking at drafting another offensive tackle, which is... I don’t know what that is. They have so many needs on the defense, that continuing to focus on the offense seems ill advised, let alone focusing on just one position.