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2018 NFL Draft: Raiders trade back with Titans, updated 7-round draft order

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The Raiders have traded back with the Titans, here is how it affects their draft order.

NFL: AFC Divisional Playoff-Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots George Walker IV-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Gruden and Reggie McKenzie are making moves on day two as the Oakland Raiders have traded back with the Tennessee Titans. Oakland will receive the 57th and 89th overall picks from the Titans.

The Raiders now have 12 picks remaining in the draft. Here is the updated draft order:

Round 2, pick 57 (from TEN)

Round 3, pick 75

Round 3, Pick 89 (from TEN)

Round 4, pick 110

Round 5, pick 152 (from ARI)

Round 5, pick 159 (from NE)

Round 5, pick 173 (from DAL)

Round 6, pick 185

Round 6, pick 212 (Comp)

Round 6, pick 216 (Comp)

Round 6, pick 217 (Comp)

Round 7, pick 228