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Drama between Raiders Bruce Irvin and Rod Woodson continues at 2018 NFL Draft

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This has become one of the most entertaining feuds throughout the NFL offseason.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

To say that Raiders defensive end Bruce Irvin is not a fan of Rod Woodson would be an understatement. After spending six seasons within the Raiders organization, the Hall of Fame defensive back was let go during the offseason.

Rather than handle the situation with class, Woodson went on FS1’s Undisputed where he ripped everyone involved with the Raiders from Mark Davis and Jon Gruden to Jordy Nelson and Derek Carr.

Irvin was understandably upset and he lashed out on Twitter to defend his teammates and coaches. He then took a shot at Woodson claiming he was always one of the ‘first coaches sprinting out of the building after work’.

With Irvin in Dallas to announce the Raiders third round pick, there was the potential for him to run into Woodson there.

Within the hour, the six-year veteran had found his former coach.

It turns out Woodson saw Irvin’s tweets and couldn’t contain himself from responding.

Of course Irvin made sure to get in the last word and didn’t hold any words back.

This is drama at its finest, and I’m just going to eat my popcorn and watch how it plays out the rest of the offseason.