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Charles Woodson told Reggie McKenzie that son drafted by Chiefs has to retire ‘no way he can put that red helmet on his head’

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-Jon Gruden Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a special thing to have your child get drafted by an NFL team. Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie had the joy of that happen today as his son Kahlil McKenzie was drafted. But those emotions were bittersweet because that team was the Kansas City Chiefs who have designs on the former 5-star Dline recruit moving to guard.

“A lot going through my mind. Still,” McKenzie said with a loaded smile. “I’m proud of him. And I told him that. I told him if we take you, we’re gonna put you on the offensive line too and so I see what coach Reid’s thought process is.”

For a man who was drafted by the Raiders as a linebacker our of Tennessee spending four years in Oakland as a player, and has no been the team’s GM now for longer than he spent as an NFL player, to now see his son taken by the bright red rival Chiefs is...probably hard to express.

Charles Woodson was drafted by the Raiders and spent 11 of his 18 NFL seasons in Silver & Black put it into words pretty nicely. McKenzie deferred to him for those feelings.

“I got a text from Charles Woodson who told me ‘your son has to retire. There’s no way he can put that red helmet on his head’. Part of me felt that way, but in all seriousness it’s a good opportunity for him and I was hoping that he would land at a spot that will kind of grow him to that position. He can play D-tackle, but I think he could be special on the offensive line. That’s where we were going to play him.”

The good spirited trash talking has already begun between father and son. Kahlil said over Chiefs media conference call he told his dad “I can’t wait to whoop up on him twice this year and the next year and the next year and the year after that.”

If it’s in Kansas City, he has a lot of evidence to support that. His dad has only won in Kansas City once as Raiders GM and hasn’t won there since 2012.