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Broncos interested in former Raiders punter Marquette King

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Baltimore Ravens vs Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

When the Raiders released punter Marquette King, it was a puzzling move for many in Raider Nation. King had carried on the Raiders’ legacy of punting greatness for years, and it seemed like a power play from new coach Jon Gruden. But nobody expects King to stay unemployed for long, and one beat reporter suggests his new employer may be a team that makes Raider fans furious.

Perhaps some of you have watched a Colorado Rockies baseball game, which may as well be played on the Moon. You may have seen how far the ball travels even when hit with the slightest of effort. Now imagine King, who has averaged 46.8 yards per punt in his career with a long of 72 yards, kicking in that environment.

There is another team reportedly interested in King’s services, as the Vikings are said to have contacted King’s agent within the hour that the Raiders let King go. Other teams fanbases, such as the Giants and Eagles, also want King but no interest from those teams themselves has been made public. And, since King wants to take a visit to Denver, he isn’t just taking the first offer that comes along.

It makes sense for Denver to be interested in a world-class punter like King. They released veteran Dustin Colquitt in 2016 and drafted Riley Dixon in the seventh round of the 2016 Draft. Dixon has been okay, averaging a little over 45 yards per punt in Denver’s rarified air, but that’s nothing that can’t be improved upon. And surely the Giants would want him too, because every time they close their eyes they see Matt Dodge punting to Desean Jackson.

I still don’t want to see King wearing that stupid blue and orange uniform with that dumb-looking horse helmet. Purple would suit him better, and if there’s anyone I want to see dressed up as a Viking, it’s Marquette King.