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Ex-Raiders punter Marquette King signs 3-year deal with Broncos

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Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Former raiders punter Marquette king has signed on with the Denver Broncos the team announced Thursday. It’s reportedly a three-year deal with the Broncos worth up to $7 million. His $2 million base is one million less than he was scheduled to make with the Raiders this season.

King had been released from the Raiders this off-season reportedly due to personality conflicts with new head coach John Gruden

Not unironically part of the major criticisms that Marquette King has faced in recent years was posing for a picture with former Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib mocking the incident in which Talib ripped off Michael Crabtree’s necklace. Something Talib then did again last season, inciting a brawl that got him, Crabtree, and Raiders guard Gabe Jackson ejected and Talib and Crabtree suspended for one game.

The tone deaf photo op naturally drew the ire of many Raiders fans as well as King’s teammates. Most notably it drew criticism from now former teammate Bruce Irvin.

Shortly after the news of King being signed by the Broncos became official Irvin took to Twitter to take his shot

King will certainly enjoy punting in the thin air in Denver. He will probably enjoy facing his former team twice a season. Lucky for him Bruce Irvin doesn’t play special teams.