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Jon Gruden QB camp marathon all day Saturday on ESPN News including Derek Carr, Johnny Manziel episodes

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2014 NFL Combine Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

With Jon Gruden back in the league as head coach of the Raiders, he not only won’t be doing his Monday Night Football gig anymore, but he won’t be able to do his popular annual draft series, Gruden’s QB camp. So, ESPN is running a Gruden QB camp marathon all day today.

The two episodes you may be most interested in seeing are his episodes with Derek Carr and Johnny Manziel. Those are coming up shortly.

Derek Carr’s episode will air at 11:30am Pacific, followed by Teddy Bridgewater at noon and then Johnny Manziel at 12:30pm.

The episodes started at 5am and will continue throughout the day one after another until 5pm. Then a few hours of E:60 and then two more episodes in the evening. Here is the schedule:

5:00am - Blaine Gabbert

5:30am - Cam Newton

6:00am - Andy Dalton

6:30am - Ryan Tannehill

7:00am - Nick Foles

7:30am - Case Keenum

8:00am - Kirk Cousins

8:30am - Landry Jones

9:00am - Brock Osweiler

9:30am - Andrew Luck

10:00am - Manti Te’o (really?)

10:30am - Blake Bortles

11:00am - AJ McCarron

11:30am - Derek Carr

12:00pm - Teddy Bridgewater

12:30pm - Johnny Manziel

1:00pm - Jameis Winston

1:30pm - Marcus Mariota

2:00pm - Paxton Lynch

2:30pm - Jared Goff

3:00pm - Carson Wentz

3:30pm - Dak Prescott

4:00pm - Patrick Mahomes

4:30pm - DeShone Kizer

9:00pm - Deshaun Watson

9:30pm - Mitch Trubisky