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Bruce Allen shuts down rumors of interest in joining Raiders front office ‘I’m not going there’

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Washington Redskins Press Conference Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Most new coaching staffs make changes in the personnel department when they arrive. Jon Gruden is no exception with his return to the Raiders. With those expected changes, this week Pro Football Talk spread some rumors based on having asked around about whether Bruce Allen would be among those incoming.

Allen and Gruden worked together in Oakland for four years and in Tampa for six years. Allen even hired Jon’s brother Jay as his head coach in Washington. So, now that the rumor has worked into a nice lather, the question got back to Allen in an interview with Sirius XM NFL radio and he shut it down.

“I do like the Silver and Black. And I think Mark Davis, Reggie [McKenzie] and Jon [Gruden] are going to do great, and I’m so excited for them to go to Vegas. But I’m not going there,” said Allen. . . “I have a job to do and we’re really looking forward to this season (in Washington).”

There you have it. Rest easy, Raider Nation.