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S&BP Raiders 7-round draft prediction contest results, winner

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2018 NFL Draft Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

First of all, thanks to all of you who entered our draft contest this year. It was a great turnout with some pretty impressive predictions especially for a draft in which the Raiders made as many draft trades as they had draft picks, only selecting at their original draft position twice in the whole draft.

Here are some numbers for this year’s contest:

Submissions: 167

Correctly pick one player: 90

One correct pick in correct round: 33

Two correct picks regardless of round: 20

Two correct picks, one in correct round: 3

Three correct picks: 1

Our winner is: Raiderfan21

Raiderfan21 is the only one who correctly picked three players the Raiders selected. But that wasn’t enough to win it. What was needed was to get at least one of them in the correct round. The correct prediction was Kolton Miller in the first round. The other two correct picks were Maurice Hurst and PJ Hall, although they were basically flipped, with Hurst in the 2nd and Hall in the 6th. The Raiders chose Hall in the 2nd and Hurst in the fifth. But that was still enough to win him an Silver & Black Pride T-shirt for his picks.

Runners up: BuckeyeRaider, Gbraiders

BuckeyeRaider also got Kolton Miller in the first and had the Raiders picking PJ Hall in the third, which is damn close considering the Raiders traded down. I would have accepted that as the winner had Raiderfan21 not gotten more overall picks correct.

Gbraiders was quite impressive, nailing Maurice Hurst in the fifth round and then almost getting Johnny Townsend in the 6th. Had the Raiders not traded away all but one low 6th round pick, that pick may have been right on as well.