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Raiders 5th round punter Johnny Townsend called it last year about potential ‘package deal’ with Eddy Pineiro

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Talk about calling your shot.

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Florida vs Iowa Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Whoa. Johnny Townsend should get a lottery ticket or something. Back in mid December the Florida punter would re-unite with his kicker teammate, Eddy Pineiro, in the pros.

Townsend became the Raiders selection at the bottom of the fifth round and later that same day, Pineiro got the call from the Raiders to join him in Oakland as an undrafted free agent.

Both are highly talented players who put up some impressive numbers in college, so this isn’t just a marriage of convenience for the Raiders. But it could make for an interesting two-for-one deal should both of them work out and take over the primary punting and kicking duties in Oakland.

And way back in December, even while Marquette King was playing in the first year of a new contract, Townsend somehow knew he and Pineiro would be NFL teammates. Though Townsend is a shoo in for the punter job (or shoe in, as it were) while Pineiro will have to beat out incumbent Giorgio Tavecchio to get the job.