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Raiders open another roster spot by waiving punter Colby Wadman

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There was a short time there where Colby Wadman was the Raiders only punter. it wasn’t long though. They signed him this offseason while Marquette King was still on the roster. King was released at the end of March, which meant for a month Wad-man was the-man.

That ended when the team did the expected thing and drafted a punter. They selected Johnny Townsend out of Florida in the fifth round, making Wadman’s days numbered. The only question was whether they would hold onto him as a camp leg. That question was answered today with the team waiving the former UC Davis punter.

His release in the second for the Raiders in the past two days, neither occurring with a corresponding move, so two additions are expected soon. Those two players are expected to be signed from the prospects who tried out for the team in last week’s rookie minicamp according to Vic Tafur.