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Once again Raiders not invited to the Rookie premiere and once again NFLPA sends terrible message

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The NFLPA is back with their annual message to defenders and linemen that they just aren’t marketable.

NFL: NFL Draft Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Each year the NFLPA sends the message loud and clear to the sports world that they just don’t see non offensive ‘skill position’ players as marketable. Because each year it’s the same story at the Rookie Premiere. It’s almost entirely without a defender or trench player.

According to the Rookie Premiere page:

NFLPA Rookie Premiere is one of the most valuable opportunities, exclusively available to NFLPA partners, because it’s the first time for these partners to connect directly with professional football’s most promising and marketable young stars--all in one place—and build content and relationships that extend into the season and beyond.

This year is pretty standard for the Rookie Premiere. Just like the previous two years, all of ONE token defensive player was invited. This year it’s fifth overall pick defensive end Bradley Chubb. Making the above description of the participants as “football’s most promising and marketable young stars” all the more insulting. And yet the NFLPA sends this message year after year.

The Raiders first three picks were two offensive tackles and a defensive tackle. In fact, they didn’t take an offensive skill position player through the first six rounds. Y’all can stay home. You don’t have to worry about being marketable. Defense doesn’t win championships, it just gets in the way of the marketing arm of the NFL from selling more merch. The offensive line doesn’t matter except to protect the league’s ‘investments’ that sell jerseys.

Every single quarterback drafted through the fifth round was invited to the Rookie Premier. That includes the likes of fourth rounder Kyle Lauletta and fifth rounder Mike White. Are you really going to tell me that the guy who is going to sit behind Dak Prescott is more marketable than Roquan Smith or Minkah Fitzpatrick?

There are 13 running backs and 15 wide receivers at the event which is just about every player drafted at either position through the fifth round. Cutting it off at the fifth round is admirable restraint.

The last time the Raiders took a skill position player in the first five rounds was 2016 when they selected Connor Cook in the 4th and DeAndre Washington in the fifth. So that was the last time they had anyone participating in the Rookie Premiere.