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Watch: Raiders All Pro Khalil Mack’s high school Westwood retires his jersey

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The first of what is sure to be several ceremonies to honor Khalil Mack in each stop in his football career occurred Thursday night. His High School of Westwood in Fort Pierce Florida retired his number 32 jersey.

The school had made the decision to retire his jersey in 2016, but the official ceremony was canceled due to inclement weather. Now Mack has some free time as he is not participating in offseason workouts while he awaits a contract extension, so this was a good time to do it.

Mack is just the third player out of Westwood to have his jersey retired along with alums Ryan McNeil and Craig Swoope.

Mack’s rise was quick. He didn’t make varsity until his senior season at for the Panthers, but in that season earned First team all area honors. From there, he wasn’t a highly recruited player and chose Buffalo for his college ball. From there he became arguably the top pass rusher in the nation and was selected at 5th overall by the Raiders.

In four NFL seasons, he has made his high school proud, putting up 40.5 sacks, three times named a Pro Bowler, twice an All Pro, became the only player in NFL history named an All Pro at two different positions in the same year, and was named Defensive Player of the Year. Now he is set become the highest paid non-QB in NFL history on an extension. Or that’s the hope.