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Nevada unveils specialty Raiders license plate prototype

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The next stage for the Raiders move to Las Vegas is in the works and it’s a big one. It’s the unveiling of a Nevada specialty novelty Raiders license plate. The prototype has already started making the waves on social media.

The sample is not the final product, it’s just the prototype that was unveiled on May 11th at a meeting by the state Legislature’s Commission on Special License Plates. There is still much work to do before finalizing it says Kevin Malone, the spokesperson for the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.

“It’s definitely not the final design,” Malone told the Las Vegas Sun. “The commission recommended approval of a Raiders plate, but there are still many steps to be taken before the plate can be issued. The DMV and the Raiders continue to work on how the plate will look.”

There isn’t a firm date for when the license plate will be available because the Nevada Highway Patrol will still need to test out the plate and possibly make some changes after that. That isn’t stopping the Clark County Nevada twitter from promoting it already though.

The plate should be for sale long before the inaugural season for the Las Vegas Raiders, with sales of the plate going to either the Raiders Foundation or a government entity. They are hoping to sell at least 17,000 plates in the first year which would generate $500,000 in sales.

“This will give everybody in Nevada, not just Southern Nevada, but the entire state, the ability to get a Raiders license plate for their car,” Raiders President Marc Badain said to the commission in a video presentation. “Those funds will go to support programs all over the state. I think it will be a tremendous success.”