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Raiders announcer Greg Papa rumored to be interested in 49ers job after Vegas move

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His call has become a staple in Raider Nation. Each and every one of us has heard the legendary “Touchdown RRAAIIDDEERRSS!” from Raiders announcer Greg Papa. It has become synonymous with the brand and something that many of us look forward to each season.

It would be sad if the voice of the Raiders didn’t follow them to Vegas, and instead chose to take his talents to Santa Clara. That is what Papa is angling for according to The Athletic’s Editor-in-Chief Tim Kawakami.

Kawakami was in a heated debate with fans on Twitter about his coverage on 49ers linebacker Rueben Foster whose alleged domestic violence victim recanted. During that debate he went off-line a little to throw some shade at Greg Papa.

It is disappointing if true because of how integral to the Raiders Greg Papa has been, especially with how much of an Al Davis guy Papa always was.

It’s worth noting that Papa isn’t just a Raiders announcer, he’s a Bay Area sportscaster. Besides the Silver & Black, he also broadcasts for the Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants and Golden State Warriors. Once the Raiders move to Vegas they will be outside of the Bay, and the 49ers will be the only Bay Area NFL team.

The move to Vegas is a couple years away so you will still get to hear his memorable call of touchdown Raiders plenty more times. Enjoy it while you can though because that might just be another thing the Raiders leave behind in the Bay when they move to Vegas.