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Raiders tight end Pharaoh Brown shared a heartwarming exchange on a flight you should see

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now and then we all have a moment that at least temporarily renews our faith in humanity. Raiders tight end Pharaoh Brown had such a moment this past weekend and he was so touched by it, he felt compelled to share.

First it was just a generic message from Brown about the existence of ‘unselfish and considerate human beings’.

Then he got more specific about exactly what inspired his previous affirmation tweet.

It didn’t end there, however. The woman who made the gesture to switch seats so the 6-5, 246-pound tight end wasn’t crammed into a middle seat was also touched by the exchange and wrote a note of thanks to Brown for the $100 he gave her as a token of his appreciation. The note touched Brown all over again.

“Dear tall man,” the note read. “I was raised to believe that to be a good person means to do good things without expecting anything in return, and while I didn’t expect anything from you, I still accepted something. I recently found out the school I work for can’t afford to rehire me next year, meaning I’m not really in a place to turn down charity and do, what I would consider to be the right thing. I tell you this to assuage my own guilt, and to thank you profusely. You are a good person and I hope life rewards you accordingly.”

We all need to be reminded of the humanity in the world now and then. Little gestures mean a lot and get paid forward. Thanks to Pharaoh Brown for sharing this exchange with us.